The Artist

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Linda Paul-Sontag Artist Bio and Statement

Linda’s early college education focused on the fine arts, but practicality took her another direction. After 12 years working as a Technical Illustrator and Graphic Designer, a bizarre twist of fate found her in the Wireless Telecommunications industry.   As recently as early 2017, she was managing a large-scale cell site development project for a major wireless carrier in Arizona.

However, a nagging inner voice held fast as a constant reminder that her ability to draw and paint was central to her very existence no matter how long denied.  Now, Linda is again listening to that voice.

Artist’s Statement

“I have recently embarked on a new journey toward artistic goals I set for myself years before. Life itself stood in my way for a time, but I now find myself perfectly set on the path assigned to me long ago.  Where it will take me, I can’t say – but I am nonetheless willing to stay the course.

LC Paul-Sontag